Super Vitality Plus

Acai Berry Pure Cleanse

ACAI BERRY is nature’s perfect energy fruit.  It is rich in vitamins & minerals, especially Vitamin B, high in amino acids, omega 3, 6, & 9, calcium and protein.  And it’s impressively 30 times stronger in the phyto-nutrients of the red wine berry. Known as the “Power Berry”, this berry is the most nutritious and powerful food in the world!  It grows high atop a palm tree along the banks of the Amazon in the Brazilian Rainforest.  Locals have long referred to it as the “TREE OF LIFE.”

Cell Power Plus

Our CELL POWER PLUS formula, is possibly the most potent of the  natural cellular anti-oxidants. It can literally protect all the cell components from oxidants, including the membrane, the brain of the cell. This multi-component compound is a combination of micronutrients naturally occurring in the body, stimulating production of   natural anti-oxidants that protect the cells from mitochondrial damage and decay; now you can slow the clock on cellular aging.


Super Vitality = Natural Science for Youthful Aging